i wanna see more pics of b with the vamps i mean yas


@iamjamesmcvey from The Vamps: @bellathorne breaks my heart.


@bellathorne: Let’s make music 🎶📺

Bella Thorne’s speech after she won the “You’re So Fancy” award.

alright, if you’re gonna read autumn falls to see if she can write or not just don’t read it. She didn’t wrote it ALL by herself i mean some writers helped her! and i think it’s gonna be amazing because she had dyslexia and write a book means everything to her, she’s proving that you can do whatever you want if you believe in yourself and work hard to get what you want. I’m so fucking proud of her tbh. As she said “I learned to face problems and not run away from them. Dyslexia made things hard for me but, not impossible.”

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tumblr will be over in december??? omg :(


I want to read autumn falls so bad


@bellathorne: Getting ready for Soul Cycle. Starting my day off with a little cardio…stay healthy. Get moving!